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Month: January 2017

Ofcom has developed a free downloadable app that can help you get the best from your internet connection whether you are at home or out and about. The app is designed to show you your broadband and mobile coverage, test your internet connections and the app will also provide tips and tricks on how to… [MORE]

In 2016, around 230,000 British businesses were subject to a cyber attacks and in November, the average volume of attacks hit over 1,000 attacks per day. The Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council however estimated that UK businesses could be fined up to £122 billion for cyber security breaches next year. Of this sum, it… [MORE]

As part of the Government’s attempt to crack down on piracy, it was revealed in the news last week that UK ISPs are expected to start sending letters to customers who have been downloading copyright materials without paying for it. Popular internet and broadband providers including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky have agreed that… [MORE]

Rural broadband provision in the UK has been criticised by Ofcom, following reports that significant parts of Britain are still unable to get a decent connection. The criticism has identified that not only is provision poor in the first place, but the growth in internet-connected technology including smartphones, laptops, fitness trackers, and home-energy hubs for… [MORE]

Ofcom has launched a review of landline-only rental prices, following a market assessment which shows that consumer prices have risen by up to 41% in real terms since 2010, despite wholesale prices falling by more than a quarter. It is also feared that the price rises have had the biggest effect on the elderly and… [MORE]

Consumers are being warned to update the default passwords on internet-connected devices they may have received for Christmas, in a bid to protect against hacking. Devices which are internet-connected are highly-susceptible to hacking, and although individuals routinely add new passwords to tablets and mobiles, devices such as CCTV, Smart TVs, Webcams and new laptops are… [MORE]

French businesses are now required to guarantee that their staff can disconnect from their work emails when at home. The use of mobile devices outside of working hours has been blamed for causing a series of issues with employees including sleeplessness, burnouts and even relationship problems. Under a new employment law, from 1st January 2017,… [MORE]

As always, here is our monthly cyber-security update which highlights the most important cyber security news from the month… Russia bans LinkedIn over security fears. A local court ruling in Russia has found that the social networking site is in violation of the country’s data protection laws, following a legislative update in September 2015 which… [MORE]

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