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Month: February 2017

The largest airline in the United Kingdom, British Airways is launching a new route to the Louisiana city of New Orleans this month. Launching on Monday 27th February, the exciting new route will see four flights from London Heathrow Terminal 5 travel to the popular Mardi Gras destination each week. In the run up to… [MORE]

Although our priority is to deliver excellent telecommunications and IT here at Eurolink, our team have the ultimate passion for supporting the local community in what ever way we possibly can and to help change people’s lives for the better. Since May 2015, we have been proud to support The Butterfly Garden located in Cheltenham and… [MORE]

On Tuesday 14th February, the Queen officially opened the new National Cyber Security Centre in London. Run by GCHQ’s Ciaran Martin who has moved from the Cheltenham headquarters, the centre has already handled at least 188 high-level cyber attacks against the UK in the past three months. Ahead of the opening, Chancellor Philip Hammond said… [MORE]

Security and intelligence centre, GCHQ in Cheltenham is recruiting teenagers for their cyber security summer camp, to gain digital skills to protect against cyber threats. Set up by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, the summer camp is now in its second year and offers students a chance to develop their own cyber security skills as… [MORE]

Although it may seem like an unlikely target for a cyber attack, a town council in Devon is being held to ransom for £3,000 for a number of important documents including the allotment waiting list! The cyber attack, which was triggered by a town clerk opening a suspicious email, resulted in a virus affecting the… [MORE]

Here is our first cyber security update of the year; the most important stories we think you need to know about… Banks are failing to protect online users from scams. According to the Payment Systems Regulator, there have been a number of failings from banks in relation to ‘push scams’, a form of fraud where individuals… [MORE]

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