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Month: June 2017

Ch,ch,ch,changes… The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is changing, are you ready? What is MiFID? The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, also known as MiFID, is a framework of European Union legislation, for investment intermediaries and the organised trading of financial instruments i.e. businesses involved in financial activities. The original MiFID led to shifts in… [MORE]

With all of the recent cyber attacks being reported in the media, we have been chatting to our wonderful customers to ensure that they are installing the latest updates and end point security to their PCs such as our ESET Endpoint Anti Virus Protection. We think that this is an excellent product and will work… [MORE]

Several European Union countries have come together to create a mutual budget of £4.3m, in order to launch a research project to help prevent criminal hackers from using blockchain technology to ill effect. 15 member countries have agreed to work together on the project which has been dubbed Titanium (Tools for the Investigation of Transaction… [MORE]

As part of our stand at the Gloucestershire Business Show, we had our expert team on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot for businesses. We had a lot of questions, and consistently, they focussed a lot on cyber security. One question which arose several times, is how to spot a fraudulent email when the logos look… [MORE]

Although Ransomware is becoming more and more common, economists have revealed that it probably isn’t the cash cow we perhaps think it is. At least not yet. Ransomware is a type of malicious malware that encrypts files on the hard drive and prevents you from accessing them unless you pay a ransom. High profile examples… [MORE]

We are delighted to be supporting the Cheltenham Challenge again this year. What is the Cheltenham Challenge: The Cheltenham Challenge is a series of running events around Cheltenham on the 18th June 2017, which will see hundreds of runners, joggers and walkers complete 5K, 10K and half-marathon distances. Taking in a range of terrain, all the… [MORE]

The key topics and news on cyber security from May 2017: WannaCry Ransomware makes businesses wanna cry It is hard to have missed the news of spreading ransomware Wannacry which hit businesses worldwide in May. Chaos ensued with the NHS one of the most notable victims. Read the full post here… The Guardian Dating Site… [MORE]

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