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Month: December 2017

Some quirky engineers at a small UK based company recently conducted an experiment for a bit of fun but the outcome was something pretty spectacular. Andrews and Arnold Engineers successfully made a broadband connection using 2m of wet string, which was first soaked in salt water to enable good conduction. Believe it or not, the… [MORE]

2017 was a very interesting year for the world of tech, with a rise in wearable technology and lots of technology developments across all industries; it was surely one to remember! As we head into the new year of 2018, there are a number of tech trends that are expected to advance the tech industry… [MORE]

This year has been really great for Eurolink Connect and to celebrate all that our team has achieved, we have finished off 2017 with a team building event at the fabulous Butterfly Garden Project. Working with Ian Levy from Gloucestershire College and Chris Evans at The Butterfly Garden Project, we planned an interactive teambuilding day… [MORE]

We are really excited to be supporting the annual Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Ride next year by sponsoring a jersey pocket. Celebrating its 10th year in 2018, the cycle challenge is one of the UK’s top charity cycle rides and sees cyclists travel 300 to 500 miles across UK and French countryside, all for a… [MORE]

Our friends at Circle2Success hosted their fabulous annual Christmas lunch at Manor by Lake on Wednesday 6th December and we were delighted to have attended. During the event we chatted to the lovely Chris Knight who works for the Caring for Communities and People Project (CCP) in Gloucester and we found out that their staff… [MORE]

Many companies are busy preparing for the new GDPR compliance which is coming into force next May 2018 and some businesses are still under the impression that the new rulings will not affect them. The new GDPR processes will affect all businesses operating in the UK (and even the US for that matter) that process… [MORE]

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