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Month: April 2018

Eurolink is proud to supply a number of retirement villages across the country with reliable telephone and WiFi systems, and this April, our Director Claire was invited to attend a coffee morning at Audley Redwood in Bristol. The newly refurbished retirement village in the South West held the coffee morning for clients and suppliers; so… [MORE]

Popular British rail operator, Great Western Railway recently reported that data hackers successfully breached a small percentage of their users. Around 1,000 passenger details were exposed in the hack, forcing the rail service to reset all of their user’s accounts. The rail operator, which has services running between London, Penzance and Worcester, said that the… [MORE]

The tech giant, Facebook will be sending a warning notice to all users in the coming days. The warning notice will be to let account users know whether their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica or not. Every single Facebook account holder (phew, that’s going to be alot…!) will be sent one of two notices… [MORE]

We’re still blissfully hoping for a month with no cyber security news – perhaps a dream of the future? Alas, March passed with lots of security issues, including: Youngsters lack cyber-security awareness According to a report by the BBC, 52% of 18-25 year-olds, the so-called tech savvy generation, are using the same password for lots… [MORE]

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