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Be aware when using the ‘@’ tag in Outlook

Microsoft Office has advised their users to be aware when creating emails in Outlook after confusion over a feature found that using the ‘@’ tag in emails can still allow the email to be sent through even if it’s not visible in the sending fields.

The issue can occur when you type ‘@name’ in an Outlook email which then automatically adds the person to the email even though they don’t appear in the To or CC fields. More importantly, any subsequent replies or forwards that include the specific ‘@name’ tag will also copy in that person even if their email address is not visible.

The intent of this particular feature is to get a person’s attention however our vigilant team at Eurolink have noticed that it is causing some confusion. It is also causing people to be copied into emails without the sender realising what this feature is for. Without caution this could potentially cause a nasty data breach not to mention a possible uncomfortable situation in the office!

To help make sense of the feature, Office has released a quick & simple guide if you do want get someone’s attention in an email… Take a look here.

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