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Bonkers Broadband: Connections made through wet string

Some quirky engineers at a small UK based company recently conducted an experiment for a bit of fun but the outcome was something pretty spectacular.

Andrews and Arnold Engineers successfully made a broadband connection using 2m of wet string, which was first soaked in salt water to enable good conduction. Believe it or not, the bonkers broadband connection actually worked and managed to reach speeds of up to 3.5Mbps. The reasoning behind this experiment was to just simply see if it was achievable.

Adrian Kennard, Director of Andrews and Arnold said “To be honest it was a bit of fun, which one of our techies decided to try out – we have equipment we could test in the office, and why not?”

There is no commercial potential to be expected from this experiment; we can’t imagine what our clients would say if we turned up to install broadband with some wet string but nonetheless, this is an interesting find!

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