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Category: Broadband

As technology becomes outdated and outmoded, it is oft discontinued, and the ISDN lines which power many office phones are no exception. BT has historically confirmed that ISDN lines will be phased out and has now published the technical details for their plans to stop selling phone lines from 2020. Their forthcoming Single Order Generic… [MORE]

Some quirky engineers at a small UK based company recently conducted an experiment for a bit of fun but the outcome was something pretty spectacular. Andrews and Arnold Engineers successfully made a broadband connection using 2m of wet string, which was first soaked in salt water to enable good conduction. Believe it or not, the… [MORE]

Our friends at Circle2Success hosted their fabulous annual Christmas lunch at Manor by Lake on Wednesday 6th December and we were delighted to have attended. During the event we chatted to the lovely Chris Knight who works for the Caring for Communities and People Project (CCP) in Gloucester and we found out that their staff… [MORE]

All the key cybersecurity stories from October 2017: October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month October featured the annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity with input from the Department of Homeland Security, The FBI and European commission. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) celebrates first year The NCSC celebrated its first year… [MORE]

We recently received an update from our provider s at BT Openreach about their Universal Broadband Coverage detailing the voluntary offer made to address the government’s Universal Service ambitions. Following the recent comments from the Culture Minister, Openreach will be supporting this offer by providing the fixed network elements and consumers and businesses will be… [MORE]

In the spirit of monitoring all things cybersecurity, here’s the September 2017 round-up: Hackers target IoT Devices Attacks using IoT devices are increasing at a shocking rate; between the first and final quarters of 2016 attacks rose by 310%. Following this statistic, 90% of cyber-attacks on businesses within the UK are aiming to take control… [MORE]

The body that runs the UK’s fibre network, Openreach has started discussions about rolling out super-fast broadband to 10 million UK homes by 2025. Openreach want to assess the demand for faster broadband in the country and is calling for collaborations with other service providers as well as the Government and Ofcom. Following their split… [MORE]

The Culture Minister, Matt Hancock has said that premises who are looking for ‘tip-top level’ broadband access should have to continue paying extra, as the Government is focussed on offering a ‘decent’ minimum service. Hancock said that 93% of premises have broadband that meets the Universal Service Obligation (USO); this guarantees a minimum download speed… [MORE]

A world-class 5G test network aims to put Britain at the front of the next wave of mobile technology, with a potential to add £173 billion to the economy by 2030. The leading 5G research institutions at King’s College London, the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol have been awarded £16m to develop… [MORE]

Retirement homes, supported accommodation units and domestic care; all play a role in supporting the needs of the older generations and vulnerable adults, empowering them to maintain an independent lifestyle and live their life to the full. Despite retirees being stereotypically ‘left behind’ and with technology being the domain of ‘young people’, we believe that… [MORE]

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