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Category: Cyber Security

On 11th & 12th May 2018, the Eurolink team had a great time attending The Arboricultural Association Show at Westonbirt Arboretum. The Arb Show is a great event that celebrates the science of trees with cool tree surgery demonstrations, food and drink stalls and even a tree climbing competition! This was our second year attending… [MORE]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you’ll know that the General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force this month and you’ve probably received an inbox full of ‘Can we keep your data?’ emails from suppliers and other businesses too. Many businesses are frantically trying to ensure that they… [MORE]

Popular British rail operator, Great Western Railway recently reported that data hackers successfully breached a small percentage of their users. Around 1,000 passenger details were exposed in the hack, forcing the rail service to reset all of their user’s accounts. The rail operator, which has services running between London, Penzance and Worcester, said that the… [MORE]

The tech giant, Facebook will be sending a warning notice to all users in the coming days. The warning notice will be to let account users know whether their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica or not. Every single Facebook account holder (phew, that’s going to be alot…!) will be sent one of two notices… [MORE]

We recently received information on the latest cyber security threat as well as some handy recommendations to help ensure your systems are protected. So what’s the threat? The threat is a new DDoS attack which has been identified to target Memcached servers that have certain ports exposed to the internet. The impact that this threat… [MORE]

Mobile networks are investigating a 4G network flaw that has been allowing hackers to make fake calls and send fake messages. The flaw has been enabling hackers to hijack a phone number and make fake calls to banks and family members with a number of the caller’s choosing which could in turn end up with… [MORE]

As we enter the third month of 2018 already (!), cyber criminals are showing no signs of slowing, with yet more cyber security breaches and issues to report. Here’s the top stories from February 2018: 5,000 websites infected 5,000 website have been ‘cryptojacked’ after they became infected with a cryptocurrency mining malware. The hackers, who… [MORE]

While it would have been nice to start the year free of criminals and cyber security issues, that was never going to happen! Here’s a round-up of the important cyber security stories from January 2018: New fines of up to £17million launched A new government directive has confirmed that businesses without a robust cyber security… [MORE]

A huge security flaw has recently been discovered within the large-scale messaging platform, WhatsApp. The flaw supposedly allowed group chats to be infiltrated and read by anyone in the world. Whilst the app is encrypted, the issue means that anyone can be added into a chat by hackers without the existing members being made aware…. [MORE]

The Festive season doesn’t mean cyber criminals slowed down! Here are some of the top stories from around the world relating to cyber security this December: Uber senior managers resign following data breach Three of Uber’s senior managers have resigned following a data breach and accusations that trade secrets from rival companies were obtained. Uber… [MORE]

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