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Category: Cyber Security

A huge security flaw has recently been discovered within the large-scale messaging platform, WhatsApp. The flaw supposedly allowed group chats to be infiltrated and read by anyone in the world. Whilst the app is encrypted, the issue means that anyone can be added into a chat by hackers without the existing members being made aware…. [MORE]

The Festive season doesn’t mean cyber criminals slowed down! Here are some of the top stories from around the world relating to cyber security this December: Uber senior managers resign following data breach Three of Uber’s senior managers have resigned following a data breach and accusations that trade secrets from rival companies were obtained. Uber… [MORE]

Here’s the top Cyber stories from around the world this November: Bad Rabbit on the rise Reports of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware are on the rise, spreading across Russia and Ukraine via a fake Adobe flashplayer update. Read the full story… Ethical Hackers set to support NHS The NHS is set to establish a security operations… [MORE]

The latest strain of ransomware “Bad Rabbit” has been spreading across Russia and the Ukraine during the past few weeks. There have also been reports of the cyber infection being spotted in Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Poland, South Korea and the United States. What is the Bad Rabbit Ransomware? It may sound fluffy, but it… [MORE]

All the key cybersecurity stories from October 2017: October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month October featured the annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity with input from the Department of Homeland Security, The FBI and European commission. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) celebrates first year The NCSC celebrated its first year… [MORE]

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 also known as WPA2 is the current industry standard that helps to encrypt traffic on wireless networks. Unfortunately, it has recently been revealed that it is vulnerable to ‘KRACK’ attacks. So, what exactly is ‘KRACK’? According to new findings from cyber security experts, a small flaw in the WPA2’s cryptographic protocols… [MORE]

Microsoft has been working with Intel, to offer a cloud service unlike any other. The data giant has ensured high security by using powerful encryption to secure data, either from hackers or from the government’s secret data gathering. This new cloud-computing system is called Azure Confidential Computing, and it works by encrypting data while it… [MORE]

In the spirit of monitoring all things cybersecurity, here’s the September 2017 round-up: Hackers target IoT Devices Attacks using IoT devices are increasing at a shocking rate; between the first and final quarters of 2016 attacks rose by 310%. Following this statistic, 90% of cyber-attacks on businesses within the UK are aiming to take control… [MORE]

It is predicted that by 2020, there will be 26 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices, not including PCs, tablets or smart phones. According to new research by analyst Garner, cyber criminals are beginning to focus their attention on IoT and other connected devices in order to attack and pass firewalls, which is therefore a… [MORE]

Here’s the key stories from August… TalkTalk makes headlines again TalkTalk has been top of cybersecurity headlines again this month, after it was issued with a £100,000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The fine was levied after TalkTalk failed to adequately protect customer records from staff misuse, with customers making complaints they were… [MORE]

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