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Category: Cyber Security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently analysed people’s passwords and found that 123456 is still being widely used and was the most-used password on accounts that suffered a breach. The analysis was completed by the NCSC in a bid to help people feel safer online by uncovering gaps of knowledge that could leave… [MORE]

While most businesses celebrated a glorious Easter Bank Holiday Weekend during April, hackers hopped into action to see what data treats they could get their hands on. Here’s the latest from April: NCSC launched a free online tool The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched a fee online tool designed by UK cyber intelligence geeks… [MORE]

Norwegian aluminium company, Hydro recently fell victim to a major cyber-attack in March. The cyber-attack which saw malicious malware infect the firm’s networks caused the company to lose approximately 300 million Norwegian Kroner, equating to £25.6 million. The company, which employs 35,000 people across 40 countries is said to be bringing their affected systems back… [MORE]

News broke recently of an academy in Bridport Dorset that became the victim of a cyber-attack which installed ransomware on the school network and has resulted in the loss of GCSE coursework. The attack, which happened on the 28 February, came after a member of staff accidentally clicked a malware-infected link within an email; the… [MORE]

Many sporting events often rely on hundreds of volunteers to ensure that they run smoothly, but the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics is set to be completely different. Instead of relying on ‘human’ volunteers, the event will see robots helping out. The Tokyo 2020 Robot Project will be replacing volunteers with robots who will assist… [MORE]

There’s no rest for the wicked and even in the shortest month of the year there’s much to report on the cyber front. It was actually a quiet month in terms of breaches, with only Mumsnet reporting a small breach, but there were many security patches issued by brands such as Microsoft and Adobe, and… [MORE]

An independent review has suggested that tech giants including Facebook and Google should be monitored by a regulator to ensure that their news content is trustworthy and we couldn’t agree more. Backed by the government, the Cairncross Review, undertaken by former journalist Dame Frances Cairncross, is looking into the future of UK news and has… [MORE]

Last year, a whopping 46% of UK businesses surveyed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport reported at least one cyber security breach. Although this is not necessarily surprising, there are many steps that businesses can take to ensure that they are protected from those pesky hackers. It can be really helpful to implement… [MORE]

Compared with a busy December that saw threats and data breaches aplenty, the start of 2019 has been somewhat slow in the Cyber Security world. But with the new year did come a little bit of action, so have a read of our top stories below:   German politicians hacked At the start of the… [MORE]

We’re now well into 2019, and 28th January is Data Privacy Day, an awareness day celebrated across the country. The day itself commemorates the signing of the first ever legally binding treaty that dealt with privacy and data protection, way back in 1981. Today, the day is used to bring awareness to the millions of… [MORE]

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