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Category: IT Support

All the key cybersecurity stories from October 2017: October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month October featured the annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity with input from the Department of Homeland Security, The FBI and European commission. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) celebrates first year The NCSC celebrated its first year… [MORE]

In the spirit of monitoring all things cybersecurity, here’s the September 2017 round-up: Hackers target IoT Devices Attacks using IoT devices are increasing at a shocking rate; between the first and final quarters of 2016 attacks rose by 310%. Following this statistic, 90% of cyber-attacks on businesses within the UK are aiming to take control… [MORE]

Passwords…we all have them! Some we know off by heart and others we often need reminding of, but we always use passwords to protect our personal and business accounts. A frequent question that we encounter is ‘what makes a good password?’ – we know that length and complexity are key factors however having a different… [MORE]

The Culture Minister, Matt Hancock has said that premises who are looking for ‘tip-top level’ broadband access should have to continue paying extra, as the Government is focussed on offering a ‘decent’ minimum service. Hancock said that 93% of premises have broadband that meets the Universal Service Obligation (USO); this guarantees a minimum download speed… [MORE]

A world-class 5G test network aims to put Britain at the front of the next wave of mobile technology, with a potential to add £173 billion to the economy by 2030. The leading 5G research institutions at King’s College London, the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol have been awarded £16m to develop… [MORE]

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has now capped the amount of mobile spectrum a company can own to 37 per cent. This news comes ahead of the auction of mobile spectrum later this year. The regulator will be selling licences to use 190MHz of spectrum in two frequency bands; this will increase the airwaves available for… [MORE]

Technology giant, Microsoft has confirmed that thousands of jobs will be cut across its global workforce, in an organisational push to better promote and sell its Cloud Services, including Office 365 and Azure. According to an article from the BBC, most of the cuts will occur outside of the US and will impact mainly the… [MORE]

As part of our stand at the Gloucestershire Business Show, we had our expert team on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot for businesses. We had a lot of questions, and consistently, they focussed a lot on cyber security. One question which arose several times, is how to spot a fraudulent email when the logos look… [MORE]

On Saturday 27th May, British Airways was hit by a major IT failure that caused flight disruptions around the world. The UK based airline’s check-in and operational systems crashed forcing them to cancel thousands of flights during the Bank Holiday Weekend, affecting around 300,000 passengers. Customers reported being unable to use the online check-in systems,… [MORE]

Last week hundreds of businesses and organisations were hit by the WannaCry ransomware attack. Europol suggests that the attack affected 200,000 people across at least 150 countries, with Russia and countries in Eastern Europe being hit the hardest. The NHS in the UK also suffered significantly from the attacks. Despite being patched by Microsoft back… [MORE]

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