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Category: Mobile

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has now capped the amount of mobile spectrum a company can own to 37 per cent. This news comes ahead of the auction of mobile spectrum later this year. The regulator will be selling licences to use 190MHz of spectrum in two frequency bands; this will increase the airwaves available for… [MORE]

On 15th June 2017, the EU Roaming Regulation changes will be coming into effect. A reminder of the changes: EU Roaming is currently regulated by EU/Ofcom through a ‘Transitional Regime’ that was launched in April 2016. This regime will now be replaced with ‘Roam Like At Home’ (RLH) regime from 15th June. The RLH regime… [MORE]

According to new research from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), copyright infringement from using unlicensed software cost small business owners over £900,000 in 2016. The research from the BSA revealed that the legislation and damage costs for small firms rose in 2015 to £770,192 and again to £914,587 in 2016. The use of unlicensed software… [MORE]

Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget as Chancellor, which contained many technology, telecommunication and broadband related news, building on the budget statement he made last Autumn. Spring revealed a number of funding opportunities for the technology industry including £16m to create a 5G hub to trial the forthcoming mobile data technology. Although 5G currently… [MORE]

Ofcom has developed a free downloadable app that can help you get the best from your internet connection whether you are at home or out and about. The app is designed to show you your broadband and mobile coverage, test your internet connections and the app will also provide tips and tricks on how to… [MORE]

French businesses are now required to guarantee that their staff can disconnect from their work emails when at home. The use of mobile devices outside of working hours has been blamed for causing a series of issues with employees including sleeplessness, burnouts and even relationship problems. Under a new employment law, from 1st January 2017,… [MORE]

REACTION TO THE AUTUMN STATEMENT & SPENDING REVIEW Following today’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review, we issue our reaction to the new Government announcements. Clare Maddox, Director of Eurolink, comments: “Today’s autumn statement brings excellent news for businesses, with a promised investment in infrastructure and productivity measures, which are set to align British productivity more… [MORE]

In an experiment by Cifas Data, customers of a coffee shop were left surprised and shocked to be handed a coffee cup, complete with their personal data on the side, demonstrating the ready availability of personal data on the internet. This video and experiment is probably the single most illustrative example of the importance of keeping… [MORE]

Analysts have warned retailers to expect up to one million cyber-attacks a day, during the key shopping week in the run up to the Christmas period. It is believed that criminals will focus on buying electronics including games consoles, as well as mobile technology, throughout the internet shopping surges from Black Friday and Cyber Monday…. [MORE]

Eurolink is a recognised wholesaler of Vodafone mobile, and many of our customers already benefit from this reliable, affordable platform, with great coverage and the added value of Eurolink Customer Service. We’re therefore delighted to share that in an independent test by mobile network testing company P3, Vodafone has been recognised as the best UK mobile… [MORE]

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