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Category: Technology

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly known as MiFID will be changing in January 2018. The directive which was first introduced by the EU in response to the 2008 financial crisis is a set of reforms designed to prevent another crisis. MiFID II will be replacing the original Directive in January 2018 and will… [MORE]

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has now capped the amount of mobile spectrum a company can own to 37 per cent. This news comes ahead of the auction of mobile spectrum later this year. The regulator will be selling licences to use 190MHz of spectrum in two frequency bands; this will increase the airwaves available for… [MORE]

Technology giant, Microsoft has confirmed that thousands of jobs will be cut across its global workforce, in an organisational push to better promote and sell its Cloud Services, including Office 365 and Azure. According to an article from the BBC, most of the cuts will occur outside of the US and will impact mainly the… [MORE]

Researchers have trained a series of computers to spot social media users establishing fake accounts to pose as someone else. Also known as catfishing, people with fake social media profiles often participate in scams, trolling (bullying) other users, and even setting honeypot traps on dating sites. The researchers have said that their algorithms can identify… [MORE]

With all of the recent cyber attacks being reported in the media, we have been chatting to our wonderful customers to ensure that they are installing the latest updates and end point security to their PCs such as our ESET Endpoint Anti Virus Protection. We think that this is an excellent product and will work… [MORE]

Microsoft has released an urgent update, to stop hackers taking control of computers with one simple email this week. The unusual bug, which was spotted in the Microsoft anti-malware software including Windows Defender, could have been exploited leaving many people at risk. The flaw was discovered over the weekend by Google’s Project Zero cyber-security outfit… [MORE]

According to an official report, the number of UK businesses that suffered a cyber attack in 2016 doubled, with almost half of businesses detecting a breach. The figures from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found that as many as 46 per cent of companies suffered from a cyber attack on their computer… [MORE]

According to new research from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), copyright infringement from using unlicensed software cost small business owners over £900,000 in 2016. The research from the BSA revealed that the legislation and damage costs for small firms rose in 2015 to £770,192 and again to £914,587 in 2016. The use of unlicensed software… [MORE]

A recent report from Oxford Economics, commissioned by IT Group CGI, found that global investors lost out on at least £42bn due to severe cyber attacks. It was revealed that on average, a serious hack will decrease a company’s share price by around 1.8% on a permanent basis. The report also found that disclosing a… [MORE]

In a recent UN Forum, artificial intelligence companies talked about the coming impact of AI and robots. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who is now also CEO of Neuralink, believes that AI robots will eventually take over all human jobs and render us as their ‘pets’. Many of the best minds in the artificial intelligence industry… [MORE]

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