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Category: Technology

In a recent UN Forum, artificial intelligence companies talked about the coming impact of AI and robots. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who is now also CEO of Neuralink, believes that AI robots will eventually take over all human jobs and render us as their ‘pets’. Many of the best minds in the artificial intelligence industry… [MORE]

Billionaire Elon Musk has announced a new project called Neuralink which is expected to push innovative boundaries. The Neuralink project, registered in California as a medical research company, is seeking to connect human brains with computers to download and upload thought processes. The technology will look to deliver an ‘AI layer’ which would be grafted… [MORE]

Christchurch and East Dorset Council have launched their new Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme for local businesses. The scheme will offer up to £2,000 to businesses to help them upgrade their connections to superfast broadband. Key features of the new scheme include: Vouchers are available from £100 up to £2,000 for Small Medium Enterprises based in… [MORE]

The most common forms of ransomware are rapidly evolving, in order to be more effective at hacking and less detectable by cyber security tools. The Cerber family of ransomware is one of the most successful deliverers of file-encrypting malware and those who are behind the malicious tactics are taking on new efforts to stay ahead…. [MORE]

Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget as Chancellor, which contained many technology, telecommunication and broadband related news, building on the budget statement he made last Autumn. Spring revealed a number of funding opportunities for the technology industry including £16m to create a 5G hub to trial the forthcoming mobile data technology. Although 5G currently… [MORE]

According to a WikiLeaks publication released in March, The Central Intelligence Agency also known as the CIA has been hacking into high tech phones and televisions to spy on people all over the world. The publication contained internal CIA documents which claim that the CIA adopted hacking techniques on a regular basis that enabled them… [MORE]

Security and intelligence centre, GCHQ in Cheltenham is recruiting teenagers for their cyber security summer camp, to gain digital skills to protect against cyber threats. Set up by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, the summer camp is now in its second year and offers students a chance to develop their own cyber security skills as… [MORE]

Ofcom has developed a free downloadable app that can help you get the best from your internet connection whether you are at home or out and about. The app is designed to show you your broadband and mobile coverage, test your internet connections and the app will also provide tips and tricks on how to… [MORE]

Consumers are being warned to update the default passwords on internet-connected devices they may have received for Christmas, in a bid to protect against hacking. Devices which are internet-connected are highly-susceptible to hacking, and although individuals routinely add new passwords to tablets and mobiles, devices such as CCTV, Smart TVs, Webcams and new laptops are… [MORE]

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