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Category: Telecoms

We would like to alert all of our clients and local businesses who use BT, of a telephone scam that’s been very active recently. It’s a relatively old trick and the scam starts with a recorded message, before scammers present themselves as an account manager from BT and warn that your line could be cut… [MORE]

Mobile networks are investigating a 4G network flaw that has been allowing hackers to make fake calls and send fake messages. The flaw has been enabling hackers to hijack a phone number and make fake calls to banks and family members with a number of the caller’s choosing which could in turn end up with… [MORE]

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance is a model framework and best practice compliance that provides security of your cardholder data environment and new regulations are only just round the corner. Also known as PCI DSS, changes are coming into effect in February 2018, is your business ready? So what exactly is it? The… [MORE]

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly known as MiFID will be changing in January 2018. The directive which was first introduced by the EU in response to the 2008 financial crisis is a set of reforms designed to prevent another crisis. MiFID II will be replacing the original Directive in January 2018 and will… [MORE]

Ch,ch,ch,changes… The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is changing, are you ready? What is MiFID? The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, also known as MiFID, is a framework of European Union legislation, for investment intermediaries and the organised trading of financial instruments i.e. businesses involved in financial activities. The original MiFID led to shifts in… [MORE]

Ofcom has launched a review of landline-only rental prices, following a market assessment which shows that consumer prices have risen by up to 41% in real terms since 2010, despite wholesale prices falling by more than a quarter. It is also feared that the price rises have had the biggest effect on the elderly and… [MORE]

Last year, the European Parliament agreed that EU tourists, travelling within the boundaries of the EU would see their roaming charges abolished, for up to 90 days travelling per year. The plan, which proposed removing the charges from June 2017, has now been amended, with the 90-day allowance scrapped and replaced with unlimited free-roaming, but… [MORE]

The Vodafone network reportedly supports 23 billion inbound calls per day, of which more than 400,000 are believed to be fraudulent. Alongside everyday sales calls, an elite network of scam artists use auto-dial technology to place thousands of calls with fake offers and incentives, such as PPI investigation, insurance pay-outs and competition prizes. Vodafone has… [MORE]

As a Vodafone re-seller, we feel it is important to share the following changes that have been made to our customer’s charges. Vodafone have made some important changes to international roaming tariffs and products. From the 1st October the following countries will move from Vodafone Rest of World 1 Zone to Rest of World 2… [MORE]

With many people unconsciously still treating their smartphones as a basic device that can only make calls and send texts, and not as a highly-powered connected device that contains reams of personal information, just how worried should users be about the security of their device? In an interview with TechWeekEurope, James Lyne, global head of… [MORE]

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