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Communications Act 2003: Important Update

The Section 124S of the Communications Act 2003 is coming into force on 1 October 2018, and we will be required to give our customers the ability to limit the cost of their bill and we will have to notify our customers when that limit is likely to be reached.

The new legislation requires that a bill limit is offered to all customers taking out a mobile phone contract on or after 1 October 2018 and to all customers renewing any existing contract from this date. These customers must also be permitted to specify, amend or remove a bill limit on reasonable notice at any time. A customer’s limit can only be exceeded with their express consent. If a service continues to be provided without this consent, the provider is prohibited from billing the customer for any charges for the service after the limit is reached.

We’re delighted to confirm that bill alerts and clear pricing structures have been a part of all our business contracts for a number of years. These are oft underutilised features, but are great for managing bill expectations and preventing nasty surprises. In line with the regulatory changes from next month, we will be giving customers the opportunity to opt into the new bill limit if they feel they need it, in addition to our standard alerting systems.

We have increasingly been seeing businesses take advantage of user defined alerting thresholds over the last 18 months, particularly across large mobile estates, as well as using our limit alert function to proactively manage billing strategies. One of the benefits of taking mobiles from Eurolink is that we can provide a single tariff, but blend O2 and Vodafone networks across the estate. The advantage of this it enables businesses to assign the best network for the geographic location assuring employees get maximum coverage in their territory or location.

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