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December 2018: Cyber Security Round Up

December was an interesting month in the world of cyber security with plenty of cyber threats and major data breaches to report. It may have been the most wonderful time of the year for most people but it certainly wasn’t for some…Here’s the latest from December:

Personal data compromised at NASA

Although NASA had a great December with the amazing exploration success of the InSight Lander on Mars, the organisation unfortunately fell victim to a huge data breach in which their employee’s personal data was compromised. Fingers crossed that this poor security won’t affect their highly expensive and great work they are undertaking up there…

Amazon S3 Bucket Data Breach

A huge 120 million Brazilian citizens had the security breached to their personal records due to a poorly secured Amazon S3 Bucket. This isn’t the first hack that the S3 Bucket has seen and the lesson to be learnt here is that cloud security should never be taken for granted.

Unsecure printers hacked

TheHackerGiraffe was said to have targeted a whopping 50,000 unsecure internet connected printers and allowed them to print messages of support for YouTube star, PewDiePie. The scan for unsecure systems which was conducted by TheHackerGiraffe managed to find around 800,000 vulnerable printers.

FCA warns UK banks of security providers

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned UK banks about their use of third-party security providers as well as their over-reliance on them. The FCA reported that although eternal expertise may be helpful, especially if the company’s board members have no cyber-specific expertise, it’s important to not over rely on them as it could undermine the effectiveness of the security.

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