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End of an era for Lorna

We just wanted to let you know that our much-loved and long-standing team member Lorna is leaving at the end of November, to enjoy some R&R. It’s always sad to lose a core team member, but Lorna has given Eurolink more than 12 years of loyal service and is now ready to head off and try her hand at something new – albeit after an at-home hiatus to catch up on some projects!

While it will be strange not to have Lorna’s cheeky sense of humour around and she’s going to be missed by us all, we wish her the very best in the future!  We’ve had many months since learning of her decision and Lorna has been passing over her tasks and knowledge to the team too, so although our customers will get to speak with someone new, there’ll be no change to the level of service you can expect from us!

Lorna: a brief history of time…

You might not expect a former lecturer and education support worker to hop into telecoms, but that’s exactly what Lorna did last time she fancied a change. Before coming to work at Eurolink, she was a teaching support worker at Cirencester College, for adults with learning difficulties or behavioural issues. Teaching was her passion for a long time, and while at the College, Lorna completed her Teaching Certificates to become a lecturer in life skills, working with young students in need of support. It’s perhaps these skills that equipped Lorna for a complete career change, because she’s always had a love of learning.

After having her son, Lorna was looking for something part-time and joined Eurolink twelve years ago when the team was really small. She was only the third person based in the office, alongside Claire, Derek and Tracy, with an engineer and salesperson out on the road. Her role then was admin support for two days a week and her original life plan was to go full-time, but she found that two days a week at Eurolink provided great work-life balance.

In the years that followed, the team at Eurolink grew into the team we are today, and Lorna’s role grew too with order processing and faults management. She’s continued to work with the whole team and two years ago moved into a sales support role & customer relations role.

We decided that Lorna couldn’t leave without putting her on the spot, so we asked her for her lasting memory of being here. She said “It will absolutely be the people, clients and colleagues alike. They’ve made the role what it is and given me so much enjoyment in the last twelve years and they’ll be missed. My desk today is jam-packed with things – balloons, photos and cheeky comments, all testament to the people I work with.”

Of course, Lorna isn’t stopping here, and we’re excited to see where she ends up next. Naturally, we asked her about any ‘grand plans’ she has and she tells us she hasn’t got any. She’s starting by taking a month off in which she will walk the dog more, get on top of the things that have piled up on the ‘to-do’ list and of course enjoy Christmas & New Year with the family. Then she’ll be deciding what she wants to do and she’ll let us know where she ends up too!

Good luck Lorna and best wishes from the team at Eurolink.

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