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November 2017: Cybersecurity Update

Here’s the top Cyber stories from around the world this November:

Bad Rabbit on the rise

Reports of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware are on the rise, spreading across Russia and Ukraine via a fake Adobe flashplayer update. Read the full story…

Ethical Hackers set to support NHS

The NHS is set to establish a security operations centre that will oversee its cyber and digital security, with a budget of £20m. The approach will also feature ethical hackers who will seek out digital weaknesses in the networks, alongside a team to shore up defences.

Queen’s University launches cyber-security hub

Queen’s University has launched a £5m research Institute, to help tackle cyber threats in smart technology. The hub is one of four cyber security institutes in the UK, and will be responsible for research and innovation in hardware security over the next five years.

UK on the hunt for cyber savvy students

The UK has launched its £20m Cyber Discovery Programme aimed at finding cyber-savvy 14 to 18 year-olds, through a series of online and offline challenges to battle hackers. It is part of the Government strategy to tackle a looming skills shortage.

US court charge Chinese ‘hackers’ with business attacks

Following cyber attacks on Moody’s Analytics, Siemans and Trimble (who make GPS products), a US court has charged three Chinese citizens which it says are responsible for the attack. Using email phishing scams and malware in an attempt to steal business secrets, the three are not in custody and it is unclear whether they are still in China.

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