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On Thursday 22nd September, the Eurolink team attended the careers fair at the KLB School in Wotton-Under-Edge. Many local businesses took part to inspire the younger generation and it was great to see so many pupils showing an interest in all the career options that are available. Not only was it a good experience for… [MORE]

In a move designed to reduce the variance in mobile phone signal across the UK, and eliminate spaces described as ‘not-spots’, the UK Government has pledged to fine companies millions of pounds if they fail to act on coverage failings. Ministers have posed handing Ofcom overall responsibility for the issue, approving the power for fines… [MORE]

A new report from Lloyd’s of London has found that nine out of every 10 big businesses in Europe have suffered a ‘major cyber attack’ in the past five years, with bosses being accused of complacency about the risk. The findings, which were highlighted from a survey of CEOs and senior bosses at 346 European… [MORE]

The Local Government Association (LGA), has asked broadband providers to improve their transparency when talking about broadband speeds, making it easier for consumers to understand the speeds that they can actually expect at their homes, rather than the top speeds the network is capable of. The association has raised concerns about the lack of clarity for… [MORE]

Eight months ago, the White House announced that they would be introducing a new staff position – cyber security chief – in a bid to improve systems defences against hacking. In an official statement, the White House has now confirmed that the post will be filled by retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General, Gregory Touhill…. [MORE]

New figures from cloud security specialists Netskope have found that 43.7% of all of the malicious code found in enterprise cloud applications is now ransomware. These figures, which cover the quarter to the end of June, have also been listed alongside overall data for cloud applications, which has found that the average number of cloud… [MORE]

A draft cybersecurity law has emerged from China, drawing concerns and comments from businesses and experts, worried about the effect the law could have on international banking and trade. Viewed as the single biggest intervention affecting private businesses in recent years, the draft legislation from the Chinese government will require banks and financial institutions to… [MORE]

With many people unconsciously still treating their smartphones as a basic device that can only make calls and send texts, and not as a highly-powered connected device that contains reams of personal information, just how worried should users be about the security of their device? In an interview with TechWeekEurope, James Lyne, global head of… [MORE]

New research has found that businesses are increasingly leaving themselves vulnerable, by failing to get their staff to turn their PCs off at night. Coupled with a lack of vetting of staff such as cleaners and maintenance staff, who often work unsupervised outside standard office hours, not turning off PCs is leaving businesses vulnerable to… [MORE]

A report by Rapid7 Security Company has produced a “National Exposure Index”, using their Project Sonar software, which scans the internet looking for vulnerabilities including unencrypted information, out-of-date software and plain text services for example. The results found that Belgium is the most exposed country, with 31% of systems or devices that had at least… [MORE]

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