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Tesco Bank was recently targeted in a cyber attack that affected 9,000 customers and cost £2.5m. The bank said that personal data was not compromised in the attack however 9,000 customers had money taken from their accounts which has now been refunded to all those affected. Tesco Bank said that it was hit by a… [MORE]

Can you donate any old computer equipment? Gloucestershire-based charity, IT Schools Africa aims to support education in Africa, with the provision of computer equipment and e-learning to schools. Since they were established in 2004, they have supplied more than 45,000 computers, equipped 1,500 schools, trained 750 teachers and provided computer access to more than 3… [MORE]

Creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee has called for an accountable cyber security strategy, to support individuals with ‘internet connected devices’. In an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, he commended the Government saying they were ‘absolutely right’ to be concerned about cyber security, and that a strategic approach is definitely required. His… [MORE]

At least 750 new phone boxes that offer free calls and Wi-Fi are expected to start filling the streets of central London within the next year. The Link kiosks, provided by the BT Group will offer ultrafast Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 1Gbps, free UK landline and mobile calls and phone charging points to… [MORE]

Cyber Security is understandably the hot topic of 2016, and one which businesses and individuals alike should be giving due care and attention. At Eurolink, it’s a risk we take incredibly seriously, and one which we test regularly ourselves and on behalf of our customers, most recently under the Cyber Security Grant Scheme. To keep you… [MORE]

By Claire Maddox, Commercial Director… This week, I have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a Cyber in the Boardroom workshop, delivered by Professor Richard Benham. Focused on fostering understanding of cyber risk, and prevention techniques, I simply cannot recommend this workshop highly enough, with its accessible, interesting and attention-grabbing delivery and importantly, simple-to-follow techniques that… [MORE]

Financial Services Provider, Mastercard has brought ‘pay by selfie’ one step closer, with the introduction of biometric technology to the UK. If successful, it will allow customers to verify their identity with a selfie on a camera phone, doing away with fingerprints, passwords and pins. Mastercard hopes to roll out the technology with UK banks and… [MORE]

We are very excited to announce that we have started collecting food donations for the 2016 Hamper Scamper Appeal just in time for the festive season. For over 15 years, the County Community Projects also known as CCP have been running the Hamper Scamper Appeal to help those in need during the Christmas period. The… [MORE]

Last year, the European Parliament agreed that EU tourists, travelling within the boundaries of the EU would see their roaming charges abolished, for up to 90 days travelling per year. The plan, which proposed removing the charges from June 2017, has now been amended, with the 90-day allowance scrapped and replaced with unlimited free-roaming, but… [MORE]

The Vodafone network reportedly supports 23 billion inbound calls per day, of which more than 400,000 are believed to be fraudulent. Alongside everyday sales calls, an elite network of scam artists use auto-dial technology to place thousands of calls with fake offers and incentives, such as PPI investigation, insurance pay-outs and competition prizes. Vodafone has… [MORE]

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