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Our friends at Circle2Success hosted their fabulous annual Christmas lunch at Manor by Lake on Wednesday 6th December and we were delighted to have attended. During the event we chatted to the lovely Chris Knight who works for the Caring for Communities and People Project (CCP) in Gloucester and we found out that their staff… [MORE]

Many companies are busy preparing for the new GDPR compliance which is coming into force next May 2018 and some businesses are still under the impression that the new rulings will not affect them. The new GDPR processes will affect all businesses operating in the UK (and even the US for that matter) that process… [MORE]

Here’s the top Cyber stories from around the world this November: Bad Rabbit on the rise Reports of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware are on the rise, spreading across Russia and Ukraine via a fake Adobe flashplayer update. Read the full story… Ethical Hackers set to support NHS The NHS is set to establish a security operations… [MORE]

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force next May 2018 and although many of the concepts are similar to those in the current Data Protection Act (DPA), there will be new elements and enhancements that will need to be adhered to. In order to make a start and ensure that your business is… [MORE]

Yesterday the Eurolink team attended the Skills for Stroud Charter recognition awards event and were delighted to pick up their award having been reassessed.  Claire was given the opportunity to talk to those present about Eurolink’s experience since engaging with the charter framework in the beginning of 2015, but before that there were three presentations by… [MORE]

Last week, we welcomed two, yes, that’s right TWO new members of staff to join our team of telecommunications professionals. Introducing to our team… Marianne Carter – Marianne has joined the team as a part time Compliance Officer and she is at the ready to manage and oversee regulatory compliance issues that we need to… [MORE]

As part of our work experience charter and our commitment to supporting young people with their future career development, we regularly attend school career fairs and run workshops and seminars. This month is no exception, and a very bubbly and excitable duo (Claire and Lorna), set off to a careers fair at Stratford Park. Running… [MORE]

The latest strain of ransomware “Bad Rabbit” has been spreading across Russia and the Ukraine during the past few weeks. There have also been reports of the cyber infection being spotted in Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Poland, South Korea and the United States. What is the Bad Rabbit Ransomware? It may sound fluffy, but it… [MORE]

All the key cybersecurity stories from October 2017: October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month October featured the annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity with input from the Department of Homeland Security, The FBI and European commission. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) celebrates first year The NCSC celebrated its first year… [MORE]

The biggest annual careers event is coming back to Stroud on Wednesday 8th November 2017. Taking place at the Stratford Park Leisure Centre the event is a fantastic free event for all ages. Organised by the Stroud District Council and SGS College Stroud, the event aims to provide a whole host of information to students… [MORE]

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