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September 2018: Cyber Security Round Up

Once again, September has been another busy month in the world of cyber security with British Airways suffering a breach to the MoD and GCHQ joining forces to beef up security. Take a look at the most popular stories below:

British Airways suffers data hack

Popular airline, British Airways suffered a large hack which resulted in a huge data loss. Approximately 380,000 of the airlines’ website and mobile app customers had their debit and credit card details compromised by a malicious script. The breach also caused the company to drop in value by 4%.

Tesco Bank to pay the price

Tesco Bank was one of many to be handed a fine in September and was ordered to cough up a whopping £16.4m by the Financial Conduct Authority. The supermarket bank was hit with the fine after having security deficiencies that left account holders vulnerable to an attack back in 2016.

Equifax receives highest fine from ICO

Another on the list to receive a fine was Equifax. The US-based credit reference agency was fined the highest amount of £500k by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after it failed to protect the personal data of 15 million UK citizens.

MoD & GCHQ join forces to improve cyber security

On a more positive note, the MoD and GCHQ have joined forces to look at improving Cyber Offense capabilities. Together they are looking to recruit a 2,000 strong cyber force to take on the Russian threats. Cool stuff!

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