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The story of a sleepy mouse… and it’s not the one attached to your PC!

A little sleepy wood mouse recently found a new home in the Dalby Forest, Yorkshire and it’s not quite what you’d expect!

The staff, who work at the natural beauty spot & activity centre in the North York Moors were stumped when the entry barrier was not working, leaving their guests locked out. The team quickly set out to find the issue by checking the control arm housing and upon opening, they were stunned to find a little furry friend snuggled up all nice & cosy on the circuit board.

Although the mouse clearly preferred sleeping in the warmth of the barrier housing rather than the 8,000 acres of woodland, he was carefully removed (or should we say evicted?) and released back into the wild…but not before they shared a sleepy snap on social media!

So the next time your machine is giving you grief, instead of switching it off and back on again, it may be worth checking for small furry creatures!

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