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WhatsApp security flaw – private chats on show

A huge security flaw has recently been discovered within the large-scale messaging platform, WhatsApp. The flaw supposedly allowed group chats to be infiltrated and read by anyone in the world. Whilst the app is encrypted, the issue means that anyone can be added into a chat by hackers without the existing members being made aware.

Despite this worrying discovery, Facebook, who own the popular messaging app, has said they have no intentions to fix the issue as they remain confident that users chats and details are still fully protected by the encryption.

The issue was also studied and presented by researchers from the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany and they found that people can be added into chats by anyone who has control of the servers, without permission from the chat’s members. This could include staff, hackers, and governments who have demanded access.

This is some pretty scary stuff for the world of messaging and it is unnerving that Facebook isn’t willing to fix the issue. Do you use WhatsApp? What are your views on the security? Let us know on social media.

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