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Case Studies

  1. Slaying costly parts; system upgrade for St George’s

    For the hotel that’s been awarded the AA Hotel of the Year Wales, an out-of-date phone system was proving cumbersome, with the software no longer supported and the hardware parts hard to come by. Eurolink was tasked with a full system upgrade at the beginning of 2018, when the hotel would be quieter and the disruption for guests less; in fact, the full system installation was pulled forward to peak season 2017, to deliver a better guest experience, and was fitted with no disruption to the guests or business.

  2. WiFi in the (nearly) Wilderness

    Getting good internet and WiFi connectivity in rural locations can be a challenge; particularly when it needs to be affordable and flexible. For the Arboricultural Association, getting good internet provision at Westonbirt Arboretum was crucial for their annual ARB event, where they needed to support stallholders' PDQ machines. Eurolink's YellowBox WiFi to the rescue; affordable mobile WiFi that's great for rural locations.

  3. No Phreaky Friday here; phone hacking prevention

    Preventing Phreaking

    Phreaking is a form of telephone fraud where criminals hack into a phone network and use the lines to make long-distance or high-value calls. It can cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of pounds in unexpected bills. Earlier this year, the phone lines for Woodbrook Medical Centre were targeted and compromised on a Bank Holiday Saturday, but thanks to Eurolink’s threshold controls on all our contracted phone lines, we were able to instantly prevent criminals from running up a huge bill. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  4. Colourful CRM Connection

    Cloud based business systems are growing in popularity and can deliver huge gains for businesses, as long as the broadband connectivity is up to scratch. For Colour Connection in Gloucester, poor broadband connectivity was restricting use of a new cloud-based MIS System as well as preventing flexible, remote working for employees. A telecoms and IT health check identified the most suitable solution and now the business can fully utilise the systems, support their staff and have even upgraded the security system too. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  5. Internet Speeds Galloping Forward

    Rural internet speeds and a multi-site business might sound like an insurmountable challenge, but not so for Summerhouse Equestrian. Installation of an Ethernet connection at the equestrian centre, supported by Eurolink's Cloudcase WiFi in a box at the farm and the two businesses are now fully in sync, with internet speeds improved leaps and bounds. Now, the business is free to concentrate on the future of their Tokyo Olympic prospects, and we're delighted to have supported with a suitable solution! Read the full case study in the PDF below...

  6. Legal call recording system

    Call recording can offer training insights for businesses and in many cases is a legal requirement. For stockbroker Redmayne Bentley in Southampton, call recording is a regulatory requirement, but the cost to retrofit the existing phone system with two-way call recording was prohibitive. Eurolink was able to provide an IP based system, which is capable of offering complete call recording, along with a wide variety of other great features, at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent conventional system or upgrade. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  7. Right at home communication support

    For multi-site operators whose employees are required to visit multiple off-site locations, communication with Head Office can be a challenge. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables immediate contact between office based staff and on-the-road employees, and supports two-way recording of information via smartphones. For Universal Care Services who help vulnerable individuals to maintain their independence and continue living in their home environment, NFC is used to enable off-site carers to access head-office information and to feed back their actions with their client. When a carer arrives on-site, the latest information for the client is sent to their smartphone using NFC tags, and any actions taken by the carer are then recorded and returned to the central database. This helps maximise client care and safety and ensure a smooth transition between staff shifts. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  8. A little ExtraCare for charity

    When managing a chain of charity shops or retail businesses, operators require a two-pronged approach to telecommunications; the first is to enable these businesses to communicate and work on central systems, the second is to overcome the individual telecommunications challenges that each premises may face. For ExtraCare, who operate 62 separate charity shop premises, each shop works independently and has its own connectivity requirements, but it is also important that ExtraCare Shops can centrally monitor funding. Eurolink was able to support with a store-by-store solution to connectivity, while meeting the overall objective of centrally monitoring fundraising. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  9. ExtraCare and trust communications

    The ExtraCare Charitable Trust identified a need to streamline their Telecommunication contracts and move to a single supplier in 2007. Providing facilities and support to residents of housing schemes and retirement villages, ExtraCare originally used multiple suppliers to service the complex needs of their Head Office and different UK residential contracts; this arrangement was inefficient and resulted in a variety of problems including service downtime, inconsistent call quality, lost call data and mislaid bills. ExtraCare chose Eurolink Connect to provide a complete connectivity and telecommunication solution and we continue to do so to this day. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  10. New heights for communications

    Moving offices can present a unique range of telecommunications challenges, with businesses needing to maintain connectivity, while overcoming with any new challenges and taking advantage of opportunities that new offices present. Longstanding client Southern Cranes and Access Limited moved to new, larger premises in order to accommodate their business growth, however unfortunately the location lacks superfast connectivity at present and Director Kelvin Prince did not want this to impact on their commercial and administrative capabilities. Read the full case study in the PDF below.

  11. X-Press delivery for cloud software

    Internet connectivity is the cornerstone of many businesses. For X-Press Legal Services Gloucestershire, all the staff rely on fast and efficient internet searches to complete their work. To date, for the team in the Stonehouse based office, the internet has been a huge restriction, proving slow and unreliable at times. To overcome this issue, Eurolink suggested Hub & Spoke, 100/10Mbps Ethernet Fibre Connectivity which has 100% geographic coverage and offers a cost-effective, secure, high-speed connection. Not only are the bandwidth and performance of Ethernet guaranteed, but they are cheaper and more cost-effective than leased lines. Read the full case study in the PDF below.


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