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Our solutions can operate across single-site and multi-site facilities, and can enhance your resident or user experience too.


What’s more, we understand the unique challenges that some care can bring, so we have experience implementing safeguards to ensure clients don’t inadvertently switch off vital support services. Here’s how:
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Care Providers

eurolink-care-iconsFind it hard to find a communications provider you can trust who will help you embrace the technology that your business needs?

Whether you provide long-term residential care services, or you operate in the homes of your clients, technology can be both a vital and useful resource to boost productivity and offer enhanced lifestyles to your clients. We understand that you need to meet your regulatory expectations of how and how well you look after your clients, and probably want to embrace the productivity benefits afforded through digital transformation.

We can help you implement technologies that help to control costs, reduce administration, ensure client safety and allow staff to concentrate on their skillset. Example solutions include internet-connected client safeguard systems, near-field communication systems, GDPR compliant mobile devices and personalised WiFi networks that your individual clients and their families can use and control.

Retirement Living & Housing Associations

Struggle with telecommunications being delivered on time and confidence you have the right services for your residents?

Eurolink has been particularly successful in this sector due to our understanding and direct contracts with residents, as well as the care provider or housing association. This has enabled us to deliver the standard telephony as well as enhance and build services such as our ISP in a Box to deliver broadband and telephone packages for the residents on a site.

We understand the importance of providing independence in older life and have been able to deliver:

  • direct contracts with residents – no need to run expensive call routing software and have administration staff calculating onward costs. Your residents get full control and technical support supplied directly, removing unnecessary strain and responsibility from your IT teams
  • service safeguards – setup on a resident by resident basis depending on their needs. For example, we can establish a two-person cancellation system, ensuring that clients with dementia do not accidentally remove vitally-connected contracts without your permission.

Temporary marketing suite setup with numbers that can move between sales offices during build and then seamlessly move onto the main system when main site occupied. It’s all down to planning and working together to get cloud services and onsite hybrid solutions.

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