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Back in September last year, we reminded you about BT’s announcement to phase out ISDN lines. It’s time for an update and another little nudge, to ensure you’re prepared for the phase out.

So what’s happening?

Did you know that BT/Openreach are already implementing plans to withdraw the traditional telephone line by 2025, and that from 2023 you will no longer be able to purchase a traditional telephone line to make telephone calls? The reason is that the UK is moving to become a fully digital nation by 2025. There are 16 million lines that need to be migrated from the existing PSTN network in the next 6 years.  50% of business communications are already using SIP and VoIP systems. That means that for any client still using a traditional ISDN line, you are likely to experience rising costs in the coming years, before seeing your hardware and infrastructure become entirely obsolete.

The majority of calls are now made using mobiles and broadband and the PSTN network, which supports traditional calls, is over 40 years old and getting harder to maintain. Therefore, from 2025, there will be no voice products available over the traditional obsolete network. BT is acknowledging that technology has changed and evolved and that there are better systems available for businesses to use. It gives them the added advantage of only having to maintain one platform instead of many, providing scope to upgrade and enhance a single platform, in a way they’ve never had the opportunity to do so before.

I have ISDN; what do I do?

Don’t panic; if you’re already on an ISDN platform, it isn’t going anywhere for the next six years, but it is also essential that you don’t ignore it either or you’ll face rising costs and obsolete hardware too. Instead, use the next six years to plan the necessary upgrade investment, and build it into your cashflow sooner rather than later.

It may sound like a really, really, really long time away, but there are two key questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Can you tolerate rising costs?
  2. How long will it take to switch?

There are two alternatives to ISDN, both of which we offer at Eurolink – Hosted VoIP and SIP.

  • VoIP is cloud-based and uses your internet line to host your telephone system and calls. It is great for SMEs and the calls are super cost-effective too. More about our VoIP solutions…
  • SIP or SIP Trunks also use your broadband or Ethernet connection, but the system is installed onsite. It is a good solution for larger businesses, and uses ‘virtual’ phone lines instead of physical wires. More about our SIP solutions…

Switching to a VoIP or SIP Trunk solution needs to be carefully managed by an experienced telephony provider as most people need to retain their advertised telephone numbers. In theory, switching to a VoIP or SIP Trunk solution is super simple and can be done in a matter of hours, BUT the most common problem is that your internet connection is not able to handle the new system, so it can take considerably longer. Instead, why not get ahead of the curve and ask us about upgrading your system now, at the same time taking advantage of cost-savings and more features too! Contact our team on 01453 700 800 to discuss an upgrade.


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