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June 2019: Cyber Security Round Up

Although there were not many data breaches to report on, June was actually rather a busy month for security update releases and also warnings on major ransomware attacks.
Read more about what the cyber security world was up to last month below:

Patching updates on multiple software
June was an extremely busy month for security update releases. Microsoft released a whopping 22 patches to update critical rated vulnerabilities, Intel released 11 fixes and there were also several security updates from Apple, Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome and Apache. If you haven’t already, be sure to do a security update on your devices to keep those pesky hackers at bay!

Major ransomware attack warnings
The US Government takes a stand of never paying ransom demands to try to help deter them in the first place, however it was interesting to learn that they have a different policy when dealing with ransomware demands. Rivera Beach in Florida paid a whopping $600,000 ransom to hackers after its computer systems were breached. Paying ransomware on attacks can in some cases really just fuel the fire, so it could be that we might see the UK authorities hit by a mass ransomware outbreak so stay weary!

Confidential information leak
Although there weren’t any major breaches in the UK throughout June, America experienced quite a few. A misconfigured AWS S3 bucket managed by a data company led to an unfortune leak of confidential data from Netflix, TD Bank, Ford and other companies. Data breaches caused by misconfigured cloud services operated by third parties is most certainly starting to become a bit of a trend.

APT10 Cloud Hopper Campaign
An interesting article from Reuters discovered that eight of the world’s biggest technology services were successfully hacked by APT10. Linked to Chinese hackers, APT10 operated a sustained campaign over a number of years that they dubbed ‘Cloud Hopper’ that affected Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Fujitsu and more.


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