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Virgin Media pledges gigabit broadband to millions of UK homes

Popular service provider, Virgin Media has pledged that they will be set to offer internet downloads speeds of at least 1 Gbps by the end of 2021. The speed increase is expected to be rolled out to almost half of all UK households equalling around 15 million homes.

The telephone and internet provider has however, described the new Prime Minister’s ambition to roll out full fibre-optic broads in the UK by 2025 as ‘very stretching’.

Virgin still plans to involve the use of copper-based cables between homes and street cabinets in the so-called ‘last-mile’ connections and the pledged speed boost will instead be delivered by an upgrade to the Docsis (data over cable service interface specification) standard.

When the new specifications are successfully installed it could mean theoretical download speeds of up to 10Gbps over coaxial cables – How’s that for high-speed?


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