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Telecommunications provider O2 has announced plans to turn on its 5G network this coming October. The next-generation service is intended to be rolled out in a number of cities including Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds. Once the main roll out process has been completed the provider then hopes to expand the network to be available to 50 towns and cities by summer 2020.

O2 will be the last UK network provider to roll out the fifth generation of the cellular network technology and will be the only provider to do so without using equipment from Huawei. O2 did trial some of Huawei’s 5g radio access gear but decided to opt for rival vendors who they had already used to deliver their 4G service.

O2’s chief executive, Mark Evans said “We respect all three operators, they were thorough in their submissions, but we were convinced that the best choices for us at this time are our current partners, which as Ericsson and Nokia.”

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