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July 2019: Cyber Security Round Up

July was an eventful month in terms of cyber security and saw a frightening amount of breaches – A total of 2,359,114,047 breached records to be exact.

Read more about what the cyber security world was up to last month below:

University of Alabama discovers a 10-year-old account breach
The University of Alabama over in the States, recently alerted 1,400 former clients, employees and suppliers after the Brewer-Porch Children’s Centre discovered a data breach that may have exposed some personal information. It is thought that the breach could have affected anyone who was involved in the centre from 2002 and 2008.

Capital One credit card applicant details stolen
A breach to credit provider Capital One exposed the personal details of nearly 106 million of their customers and applicants. The issue, which was first discovered back in March resulted in information related to credit card applications from 2005 to early 2019 for consumers, applicants and small businesses being accessed by a hacker. Capital One has said that they have fixed the hack and will offer free credit monitoring to those customers affected.

Croatian government targeted by hackers
Government agencies in Croatia were recently targeted by a never before seen malware payload called SilentTrinity. The mysterious hacking group targeted and infected government employee devices between February and April this year by sending an email which contained malicious code.

US telecoms provider say hackers breached accounts via Samsung
US telecoms and mobile network operator Sprint claimed that hackers broke into an unknown number of customer accounts via the website. The hack saw account credentials including phone numbers, device type, device ID, monthly recurring charges, account numbers and more. Sprint said that the information hackers had access to pose a substantial risk of fraud or identity theft.


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