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August was an interesting month in terms of cyber security and not only was a database of fingerprints comprised, Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey also had his Twitter account hacked too!

Read more about what the cyber security world was up to below:

Twitter boss account hacked

At the end of August, big boss at Twitter, Jack Dorsey had his very own Twitter account hacked. The hackers used his account to send a stream of offensive and inappropriate messages to his 4.2 million followers. Although Jack was using his mobile phone to provide multi-factor authentication to access his account, his password and mobile were compromised.

Fingerprints database compromised
A database of over a million fingerprints and other personal data was compromised and exposed on the internet by Suprema, a biometric security company. It still hasn’t been disclosed how they were able to access the database.

Oyster takes system offline
Transport for London took their Oyster Card system offline after suffering a credential stuffing attack. The organisation wanted to protect their customers after 1,200 accounts were compromised during the attack.

Microsoft making patches
Microsoft have been releasing a series of patches and two serious patches were completed for ‘bluekeep and ‘WannaCry’ wormable vulnerabilities in Windows Remote Desktop Services. The vulnerabilities were found as part of a project to make Remote Desktop Services more secure.


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