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It happens to us too...

You'd imagine that scammers would be bright enough to 'qualify' the companies they target with their scams, but it seems they blanket contact anyone on their database. This morning, we took a call from a 'live call agent' informing us that we'd been hacked and our IP address compromised! Errr.... We know it hasn't, but that didn't stop those pesky thieves from trying their luck!

Now, as an ISP and a business with the ISO27001:2013 certification, who takes security very seriously, we'd know if we'd been hacked. We have alerts and automatic shutdowns in place for ourselves and our clients, and we know the signs to look out for too. Our monitoring is 24/7 and our response time is a matter of minutes, so by the time someone called us, we'd already know and be doing something about it! It got us thinking though... 

So, we know we weren't hacked, and we know that our clients weren't either, but what happens if you get a call like that? How do you know they aren't telling you the truth? Well, here are our handy hints to help...

  • Most importantly, don't give out ANY details, unless you know they are legitimate. Ask questions to them, but don't answer any in return.
  • If the call comes in to you, confirm where they are calling from, the company name and the person you are speaking to. Ask them for a direct dial in case you get cut off - scammers usually won't give you one. 
  • Check if you've received other correspondence about the hack. For example banks will usually email you to let you know they are about to call, so don't rely on just one method.
  • Hang up and call them back. If you think they are the right company, and you believe they are legitimate, tell them you will call them back. Look up the published number on their website and call again on that number. This will prevent you staying on the line with a company that is posing as another company too.
  • Ring us! As we said, we've got alerts and shut-downs in place to prevent this type of breach but if you are worried, you can ring us to double check. We will be able to validate there and then, giving you reassurance. It is also worth noting that if there was a breach, as soon as we'd been alerted, we'd call and email to let you know, so if you haven't heard from us already, it is likely that it's a scam!

There are plenty of people trying it on who will be looking to make a quick buck! They don't care who and they don't care how, but it's up to you to be sensible and stay safe!

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