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Uncovering the truth: PC Myths

Here at Eurolink, we come across some interesting PC myths quite often. Whether it’s concerns that Windows is too vulnerable or it’s dangerous to not switch off your machine overnight, our team of techies have debunked some of the most popular myths to help improve your knowledge and even your security. 

Uncover the truth below…

The Myth: Windows is more vulnerable |The Truth: Windows is more targeted

As many of you know, Windows dominates the IT market but hackers will only target proportionately to the market share it has. If your Windows updates are never more than a couple of months out-of-date, it is far more secure than you think. This is because most nasties actually rely on exploits that have been patched a long time ago. Windows 10 is now the most-supported operating system. Speak to us about our dedicated IT Support that can enforce automatic updates.
The Myth: Migrating to the cloud is insecure |The Truth: Migrating to the cloud is as secure as your cloud environment is set up to be

Popular cloud operating system, Office 365 has many tools to lock your cloud environment down and processes to make it how secure you want it to be. From password-only access to multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access only allowed from selected IPs / devices, you can ensure that your cloud environment can be just as secure as on-premise.  Why not speak to our expert team about Sharepoint Migration or our Office 365 Services?
Myth: Anti-virus software makes your PC immune to viruses | Truth: Anti-virus is an excellent layer of defence, but not the last one

Anti-virus is an excellent resource to help keep your PC immure to viruses but the last layer of defence is quite simply, YOU! Anti-virus is only as secure as the team behind the product has identified the virus. A “zero-day vulnerability” attack is called this because the attack was launched today. Unless the team behind the anti-virus is on the ball and release a set of definitions for this vulnerability quickly, your PC may become infected if the attacker gets to you first. You can prevent these attacks by installing the most reliable anti-virus software, but educating yourself and your employees is the most important security tool you can implement. We can help provide you and your team with the relevant education. 
Myth: More RAM will make your PC faster | Truth: More RAM will allow your PC to handle more programs

RAM is basically the short-term memory of your device. Although faster RAM can help, more only allows you to open a shed load more programs to simultaneously run at the same speed. PC running slow? This is because 1) it has an old CPU, 2) you are not using an SSD hard drive or 3) your internet is slow. 
Point number 1) generally requires a new PC, 2) requires replacing your hard drive with an SSD hard drive and 3) means you need better Wi-Fi coverage, a better internet connection (or need to ask your colleague to stop hogging the bandwidth.)
Myth: Leaving your computer t on overnight can cause it to overheat & is dangerous| Truth: Leaving your computer on overnight is safe

Don’t forget your computer has built-in intelligence that will cause the PC to shut down long before it overheats and damages itself or your premises. But if your computer is spontaneously rebooting it’s most-likely because it is getting too hot. Leaving your computer turned on overnight to download updates, backup or sync with the cloud is very safe. Of course, turning it off saves power and Windows updates often require the computer be restarted but you needn’t rush back to the office at 9pm after forgetting to power down – It’s going to be fine!

There you have it – some popular PC Myths debunked! Do you have a PC myth you’d like debunking? Speak to our expert technical team on 01453 700800.

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