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Beware of Scam Phone Call from BT

The harsh reality is that getting away from scam calls can be quite tricky but there are precautions you can take to ensure that you don’t give anything valuable away and to spread the word to warn other businesses.

Spreading the word…
We recently took a call from a withheld number that claimed to be from BT’s Technical Team. The caller, Daisy advised that there was a lot of issues with our BT line and need to get remote access to our computer system to indicate what the issue actually were.

Of course, Daisy was unable to explain to us in detail what she required access to our system for and was determined to go through the remote access setup. Although it was already determined that the call was a scam, we asked Daisy to send through an email request with the relevant information and that we would look into it – we then disconnected the call and of course received nothing.

What can you do to stay secure…
As an ISP and a business with the ISO27001:2013 certification, our security senses are pretty good at sensing when something is not quite right, but for some businesses that is not the case. So, what should you do when you receive a call like this? Check out our handy hints and tips here

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