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How to tell what operating system your PC is using?

It’s important to keep your PC operating system up to date to help reduce the threat of cyber security breaches, but did you know that many operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft? This means no security patches are being released, and hackers love targeting old operating systems because they are easier to breach and harder to protect against. So, how can you quickly and easily check what system you are using?

Step 1: on your PC, click the ‘start’ menu in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Step 2: navigate to ‘settings’ which is denoted by a little cog

Step 3: search for the settings entitled ‘system’ and click on the icon

Step 4: look for ‘About’

Step 5: navigate down to ‘Windows specifications’ and it will tell you what edition of Windows you are using. If it’s Windows 7 or, heaven forbid even Windows XP, then you need to upgrade your system asap. These are no longer being updated by Microsoft and therefore you are significantly at risk!

Don’t forget, whilst it is important that your Operating System is still being supported, it is also essential that it is set to update too. Make sure your Windows Update settings are set to ‘automatic’. Yes, we know running updates takes time and it can be annoying, but by updating as you go it’s very quick and it’s much better for you to benefit from the latest security features than leave yourself vulnerable!

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