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Don’t get Juice Jacked!

You’ve just finished work and ran out of charge on your mobile; but it’s ok, you can just use the USB Charging Stations available on public transport, right? Wrong!
USB Charging Stations are becoming a popular sight across public transport, shopping centres and even restaurants but although they may provide a quick power boost, your device is also at risk of Juice Jacking.

What is Juice Jacking?
Juice Jacking is a cyber attack in which pesky cyber criminals use publicly available USB charger ports or cables to install malicious software onto personal devices. Even a 60 second charge up will be enough to compromise your data because of the transmissions of both the power and data streams in a USB cable leaving victims susceptible to identity theft and financial fraud… not to mention a whole heap of stress too.

Many hacked mobiles will go undetected but if you have used a USB Charging Station and are experiencing a rapid loss of charge, slow operations and excessive overheating that your device may have been compromised. 

Staying protected
There are many simple ways to ensure that your device doesn’t fall victim to Juice Jacking including:

  • Avoiding USB power charging stations in public places
  • Using an AC outlet rather than a USB port
  • Using a portable power bank
  • Carry your own charging cable and adaptor

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