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Managing internet, telephone and cyber security systems can be a mammoth task for a business, especially if you’re looking for a feature rich service. Communication is vital in every organisation, whether you’re working to constantly connect with clients or simply want to link up your office network.

What you need is one company who can do everything for you. Even if you want a complex system, using just one provider can save you a lot of time and resource.

Dealing with multiple providers is not uncommon. For example, you might be using one company to provide your internet service, another for your telephone line and a third for your cyber security. Luckily for you, there are companies out there who can offer all these services and more under one umbrella, and Eurolink is one of them.

Why should you switch to using just one provider?

  1. Save time

Having multiple plans with different firms means there is a lot of upkeep to do on your end. From managing multiple maintenance services, to dealing with a long list of invoices, there’s a lot of tasks that can slow down your working day. Switching to using just one provider makes these tasks much easier. With just one bill, one maintenance service and one set of paperwork, you’re much more likely to save valuable working time.

  1. One point of contact

Nobody wants to spend their entire working day on the phone to different providers trying to track down the root cause of a problem. Here at Eurolink, we provide just one point of contact for all your service needs, and we don’t use call centres. Having just one person to deal with each day can not only save you time but will also save you a lot of hassle.

  1. Build up a long-term relationship

Trust is a key factor in working with any outside company whilst running a business. You need to establish a good relationship with your connections to ensure that you’re always up and running, and it’s important for both sides of the conversation to understand how the other works.

Using a single infrastructure provider can ensure that you know what’s what on a day-to-day basis and you don’t need to keep up with so many different people. The best part is that your provider will know your business inside and out, enabling them to make suggestions and improvements as and when you need them.

  1. Site and plan familiarity

Consistently using the same provider doesn’t just have an impact on personal relationships, but it enables that company to have a good working knowledge of your business. If your supplier knows everything about your plan and site, it’s easy for them to deal with maintenance and service issues, keeping your business running and tackling any hiccups straight away.

  1. Cost effective

It’s not only time you’ll save by using one supplier; you’re also likely to save some money. Having all your services under one roof on one invoice means you can spend less employee hours trying to chase up the right organisation for problems that you might be having. You’ll not only be a lot more efficient, but combined monitoring services can ensure that you’re cutting costs too.

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