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We've all seen the sales spiels which tell us how e-signatures are better for the environment, but does it actually have that much of an impact? At Eurolink, we support our clients using DocuSign, which we use both for our own documents that need signing, and also offer to clients to use within their businesses. DocuSign has started sending us an Eco Savings email and we were fascinated to learn just how much we save in a month...

The stats for August for Eurolink Connect...

  • 9 documents sent and signed of various lengths
  • Saving 87kg of wood that's not making paper pulp. That's the same as half a tree!
  • Equivalent 2,132L of water saved that's normally used in the paper-making process. That's the same as 1/2 a washing machine worth
  • 204kg of CO2 saved in the process. That's the same as 2 fridges worth of output.
  • 14kg of waste not produced in the first place. That's the same as half a bin worth!

Whew! That's some whopping savings, just for 9 documents. Imagine if we all processed all our documents through an e-signature system instead of printing and sending them off.

If you want to find out more about DocuSign and safe storage, speak to our team on 01453 700 800. 

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