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Microsoft one step ahead on spoofing emails

Those pesky cyber criminals are getting so much more creative with many reports of new malicious malware and plenty of those annoying scam emails. Many organisations have recently been challenged with an increase of spoofing emails too which makes it much more difficult to pick out the scams, but Microsoft is one step ahead…

In light of the rapidly increasing spoof emails affecting organisations all over, Microsoft has extended its enhanced anti-spoofing capabilities to all Exchange Online Protection (EOP) organisations. This is great news for our customers who use EOP, as this feature was only previously available to E5 and Advanced Threat Protection Organisations.

All customers will now be able to benefit from the anti-spoofing protection which is also currently undergoing additional updates to improve the filter, including a new spoof intelligence insight that is being rolled out to provide better visibility and review experience.

How will this affect Microsoft Users?

The changes which are due to come into effect on 1st September 2018 will allow EOP organisations to enable the enhanced anti-spoofing functionality and utilise cloud intelligence, sender reputation and patterns to identify potentially malicious domain spoof attempts. The functionality also works in conjunction with existing standards based email authentication checks. Once the feature has been enabled, all emails that fail the extended implicit authentication checks will be automatically sent into the Junk folder.

How to prepare…

Organisations do not necessarily need to prepare for the anti-spoofing functionality, however if they are not required, they will need to be disabled before 21st September when the feature will be rolled out worldwide.

As avid cyber security supporters, we think that this is a great step forward for Microsoft. If you are a customer of Eurolink and want to discuss the benefits of this update in more detail or disable the function, please call our team on  01453 700 800.

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