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Whether you have an existing cloud solution that offers great gains, but just isn’t working properly, or you want advice and expertise, we can offer you guidance, and support with migration.

Robust & Secure

We’re also ISO27001:2013 certified, which means we take security very seriously, and can help ensure your cloud system is as robust and secure as possible. Your data security is protected better if you are working on up to date platforms and with our support we can monitor and help to keep your technology current.

We work to become your ‘IT Department’ or act as a back-up to your existing one, to help limit faults, downtime and ensure maximum efficiency across the board. Our team is qualified and trained to the highest standards, and we are a Silver Microsoft Partner for cloud solutions, as well as other well-known service providers.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s complete productivity cloud platform. It is always up to date and with Windows 10, provides access to leading apps from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and SharePoint, giving you the tools to effectively collaborate, share documents as well as provide file storage.

Our policy is to always enhance your security to the maximum possible level, including Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) which prevents 99.9% of account compromises. We help onboard our customers and there are two levels available to you

Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Company-wide MFA with the ability to set individually to users

Microsoft 365 Business Standard & Basic
Company-wide MFA without the ability to set individually to users (if required, a Business Premium license can be taken out for users requiring exemption

Windows virtual desktop

Many customers require Windows virtual infrastructure for various reasons:

  • access to Windows services normally unavailable to the device you are connecting from (for example a MAC).
  • host all on-premise services in the cloud to enable users to connect to a Windows virtual desktop and access these services from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • allow users to use their own devices to connect to company resources.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a built-in service that allows for the above as a far more affordable solution to Windows Terminal Servers.

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