Secure data backup

Should the worst happen and you lose connection to your network - most commonly through malware and ransomware - the fastest solution is often to decommission the network and reinstate it from a data backup.

 True, the backup may be missing the activity of a few hours, but you will have a record of most of your activity and can get back online rapidly.

We recommend, install and provide Acronis, which is a leading, cloud-based back up, storing your data on European servers that are GDPR compliant. Acronis as used by F1 team Williams Martini Racing and is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for protecting your corporate data which could also incorporate iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices as well as you server and PCs. With enhanced backup validation and blockchain-based authentication of your backups with Acronis Notary, Acronis Backup is the most reliable backup solution for your mobile devices on the market today.

What’s more, Acronis helps to overcome the significant issue of ‘virus latency’; in recent years, there has been an increase in the development and distribution of ‘dormant’ viruses, which install onto a PC and don’t activate or encrypt for days or even weeks. This ‘latency’ is included in a bid to speed up distribution and network penetration by enabling the virus to ‘fly under the radar’ in the hope that it will remain undetected by antivirus, and can then infect more computers before activating. What this means is that it’s possible that a virus can infect and spread through your back-ups too, so it is not safe to assume that your back-up is clean, just because your network appears to be. Instead, Acronis offers automatic virus scanning, segmented storage and virus quarantine to ensure your back-ups don’t contain a virus, even if your networks do.

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