Hosted Solutions & Cloud Services

Whether you have an existing cloud solution that offers great gains, but just isn’t working properly, or you want advice and expertise, we can offer you guidance, and support with migration.

Robust & Secure

We’re also ISO27001:2013 certified, which means we take security very seriously, and can help ensure your cloud system is as robust and secure as possible. Your data security is protected better if you are working on up to date platforms and with our support we can monitor and help to keep your technology current.

We work to become your ‘IT Department’ or act as a back-up to your existing one, to help limit faults, downtime and ensure maximum efficiency across the board. Our team is qualified and trained to the highest standards, and we are a Silver Microsoft Partner for cloud solutions, as well as other well-known service providers.

Emails & O365

We are Microsoft Certified and can supply the Office365 suite, providing businesses with a cloud-based platform that is always up to date, available anywhere, anytime and has the advantage of small monthly costs rather than large up-front licensing fees. The platform comes with: 

  • Microsoft Office Tools ensuring you are up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more;
  • email & calendars allowing you to connect with customers and colleagues using Outlook and Exchange
  • file Storage with access from anywhere with 1TB of storage
  • collaboration services with Microsoft Teams, online meetings and messaging
  • data protection controls to help secure your business data on personal and company-owned devices
  • safest Windows providing upgrade paths
  • cyberthreat protection to help protect PCs from malware, viruses and spyware
  • cependability and support with 99.9% uptime guaranteed and 24/7 support.

Don’t forget, if you want to take advantage of cloud tech, you will need a robust and good quality internet connection.

Microsoft 365 Business

An upgrade to Office 365 (see above) with a host of additional features and money saving opportunities compared with third-party applications.

Microsoft 365 Business extends Office 365, by providing SMEs with a range of additional features including Windows 10 Pro, security management features, employee scheduling, customer bookings, CRM, invoicing, mobile device management (MDM), email marketing, collaboration, cloud storage, security and more. The advantage of this upgrade is that this is a platform that businesses and their employees are already familiar with, while in many cases it removes the need for many third-party software solutions.

Some businesses will already have Office 365 Business Premium and there are no plans for this to be removed. Importantly however, what Office 365 Business Premium lacks that the newer solution includes is mobile device management (MDM), Windows 10 enhancements, and security management for both information and employees. The three primary defining features of Microsoft 365 Business are the administrative dashboard, the business centre and the inclusion of additional applications included in the subscription fee.

SharePoint Document Management System

Simple, accessible, maintenance free document management

As an alternative to purchasing additional servers, Eurolink offer Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System, giving companies the opportunity to create, share, monitor and secure any document as standard. Backed-up off-site, SharePoint often forms part of a company intranet; individuals can use it to access company information remotely, dictate who can access specific documents, collate relevant changes from multiple users and centrally control calendars, all from a simple cloud based web portal, which is accessed from a laptop or tablet.

Key benefits include:

  • low monthly cost
  • no expensive servers
  • no tape backups to take home every night
  • complete control of access and user rights
  • access from anywhere.

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