Outsourcing or boosting your IT resource…

We are certified experts in IT support, both as an IT provider, and for leading brands such as Microsoft.

Perhaps you work in a remote location, with poor broadband connectivity. Maybe you have a short-term or specialist internet requirement, for a festival or at a construction site? At Eurolink, we have developed a secure, affordable WiFi hub, that you can plug in and use, working on SIM technology and providing you with consistent, reliable broadband provision. CloudCase WiFi comes in a box, already set-up and you can simply plug-in and play.

We are a flexible resource which can be used to:

  • Provide an outsourced IT support service for businesses that don’t want or need the overheads of a full department, but do need immediate and available expertise always and want constant monitoring to prevent faults
  • Offer a boost to internal IT departments who need expertise or resource for a specific project such as moving to the Cloud, or upgrading systems. We can provide one-off resource to free up your team or department.
  • Test your systems; we can help monitor and keep your IT on track so that it doesn’t become victim to human error or corrupted updates. Sometimes the simplest steps can prevent the worst cyber-attacks, so using us as an external resource can help keep your team accountable and on-track.

Remote Management and Monitoring…

You will be set-up with secure monitoring, meaning we’re able to quickly identify any concerns with your PC equipment, e.g. high memory usage. In these circumstances our staff will contact you to address any problems as necessary. In addition, you can quickly access our helpdesk with your own queries, by logging a ticket via our helpdesk App. Efficient and affordable, our support service provides unlimited remote access to our specialist team, throughout the working week, and where a technician is required to site we can help there too.

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