Secure data backup

Should the worst happen and you lose connection to your network - most commonly through malware and ransomware - the fastest solution is often to decommission the network and reinstate it from a data backup.

True, the backup may be missing the activity of a few hours, but you will have a record of most of your activity and can get back online rapidly.

Protecting your data is imperative. The data centres we use run the latest disaster prevention technologies and have full 24/7 security. There are two options available, and we are happy to advise on the best set-up for your circumstances: 

Cloud Backup suite – providing a full cloud to cloud backup solution that provides you with complete backup of your Office 365 data. The backup is setup to run automatically and being cloud based is easily recoverable as required.

On-premise to Cloud Backup – if you have an onsite server, this service provides you with the reassurance of automatic offsite records.

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