Intelligent SMS: Marketing to mobile

Looking for a cost-effective way to send your customers updates? Or hoping to deliver relevant marketing messages direct to your client?

Intelligent SMS provides low-cost communications which benefit from real-time response, direct to your existing customer base. Working via a friendly, web-based messaging platform, you can broadcast SMS communications in bulk and can dictate how responses are received, with campaign reporting as standard. Simply upload your mobile contacts, create your SMS and send it worldwide.

Benefits of the system include:

  • quick & simple set-up
  • instant availability – get started straightaway
  • option to route replies to the portal or a dedicated email inbox for monitoring
  • intelligent filtering to prevent you from sending messages to dead numbers, and the option to filter numbers with a high propensity to opt out of SMS, which reduces risk of brand damage
  • complete record of all inbound and outbound messaging communications sent over the last 13 months
  • optional integration direct into your own CRM via an application programming interface available.

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