Keeping your team cyber savvy, every month

54% of breaches are reportedly the result of a negligent employee or contractor, so training is your best defence!

It’s what we do too! As an ISO27001:2013 certified company, security is essential and we pride ourselves on being fully up-to-date. That’s why we offer (and use ourselves) this monthly phishing simulation and security awareness training…as little as £60 per month. 

What does it do?

Unlike many other training platforms on the market, the focus is not on telling, but on experiencing risks in a safe environment. It’s an interactive platform which helps employees to spot, avoid and report real-world attacks, skills which can in turn be applied within your business and which gives your employees confidence that they know what they are doing.

What’s included?

Designed to help your business develop robust defences, the system offers a monthly training provision that delivers a bitesize chunk of learning. The longer you use it, the better equipped your team becomes, and you’ll know that every staff member, old or new, will be regularly training and upskilling. The platform includes:

  • Monthly Security Awareness Training: using a mix of links, attachments, videos, graphics and training materials within a simulated environment, the system provides hands-on monthly learning. It runs with mock-phishing campaigns that mimic current threats, so your team is being safely exposed to something that they may encounter in the real world. This practice helps them to identify vulnerabilities and learn how to minimise risk.
  • Robust Employer Reporting: Its only worth incorporating training if your team is actually doing it, so as well as training your employees, the system also provides you with a report of who has clicked on what. This helps you to ensure that a) your team is doing their monthly training and b) identify any employees who may need additional training too.

 All that you need to do is keep us updated with a current list of employees and their email addresses and the system will do the rest!

Want to give it a try? Ask us for a demo on 01453 700 800. 

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