CMDS: Cloud Managed Data Security

Anyone with access to your network and the internet is a potential cyber vulnerability to your system. So how do you manage risk without over-training your staff or reverting back to pen and paper?

Introducing the Cloud Managed Data Security system from Eurolink Connect, which lets you embrace all the advantages of cloud while maximising your security and minimising your risk…
Cloud computing has some great commercial advantages including the ability to work anyway, the option to collaborate across teams, the option to embrace new technologies, and often reduced maintenance and cost-savings too. Yet it also introduces new risk. You’re putting your trust in a third-party platform to host and protect your data, and the data which is included on the cloud is coveted by and valuable to cyber criminals who want to exploit your company for commercial gain? So how do you embrace the advantages while minimising the risk?
Eurolink Connect has developed our Cloud Managed Data Security system to provide an additional barrier and layer of security between your cloud-based files and any potential hacker. As well as giving you all the advantages of Multi-Factor Authentication, it also supports individual user management and security monitoring to detect threats. It’s cloud security, just better…

How does it work?

CMDS is a piece of software which is installed system-wide across your whole company. It sits between the internet and your user and adds a layer of two-factor authentication to all of your files and activities. You can also use it to set user permissions for every single employee in your company, restrict access to dodgy sites, monitor for nefarious activity and act as an extra barrier between your users and the cloud. In this way it locks down access to your files to only those people you approve and also helps to isolate malware and other threats to a single file or folder rather than spreading to the whole system. It means there’s much more between a hacker and your data than just a password, and it also protects you against disgruntled employee actions and corporate espionage too.

What are the benefits?

  • Applies all the benefits of multi-factor authentication (just like online access to your bank), across all of your files, regardless of their software and origin
  • Enables your employees to sign-on once and access everything they need, without compromising your security
  • Locks down file access to specific users and / or devices so that you can manage permissions and prevent hacks and unauthorised access
  • Blocks illicit devices accessing company data
  • Prevents downloads to non-company devices
  • Alerts you to any unusual activity
  • Plugs into mobile device management
  • Prevents disgruntled ex-employees accessing data
  • Provides the same levels of security as if you had a server in the office, while still having the advantages of working in the cloud!

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