Eurolink Protect: Cyber Security made easy…

Anyone with access to your network and the internet is a potential cyber vulnerability to your system. So how do you manage risk without over-training your staff or reverting back to pen and paper?

Eurolink Protect is a policy-based, web content filter, which is adapted to your business and your expected staff behaviours. It works at a domain level to enable access to secure, low-risk sites, while restricting and blocking access to potentially unsecure or infected sites, or sites which you deem unnecessary to your business processes. This filtering is bespoke to your business, and is set according to an agreed policy, rather than a pre-determined list, although some sites of course will always be flagged. As a result, the software is an effective preventer of Malware, Phishing Scams and Ransomware, and can also increase staff productivity by reducing distractions, without unnecessarily impacting on your business capabilities or performance.

As it is installed at a domain level, the software operates as a gatekeeper to your system, reducing the number of threats that reach your business in the first place. This helps to reduce any antivirus vulnerability presented by the ever-evolving viruses, and also effectively reduces the risk of human error in your cyber security policy.

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