Security for your WiFi

The risks of this are huge; anything from copyright infringement fines of up to £50,000, spreading of ransomware and malware throughout your network and even theft of your entire database. WiFi security should be your top priority and we can help…

We will work with you to segregate your network to provide various class of service for different users with specific bandwidth allowances as required, whilst protecting our business critical services.

By understanding how your business works, we can set-up WiFi networks with multi-tier access levels that offer different access rights to different users. For example in a school, teachers could have access to video streaming sites while students do not, in your business, your employees could be granted access to low-risk sites and your visitors to email sites only, while in a hotel, guests can have access to low-risk sites, and will be logged for activity in case they stream or download anything illegally. 

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