Telephone Lines & Calls

Company communications are driven by your telephone infrastructure, and having a good call system is essential.

We work with wholesale suppliers to deliver a straightforward and resilient infrastructure that powers your calls and offers other benefits too.

Working with us, you will:

  • use the best network in the market
  • access advanced technical expertise
  • benefit from excellent fix rates and remote support
  • call via a Carbon-Neutral network
  • be secure with fraud-prevention measures in place
  • have a cost-effective solution.

What’s more, we approach all telephone infrastructure projects from the perspective of commercial effectiveness, offering tools such as pre-recorded on-hold messages to boost your sales while callers are being transferred.

We can install telephone lines, supply dedicated numbers and provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring a reliable and efficient service for our customers, including:

Traditional Telephone Lines

Our team is highly trained in network infrastructure and has the knowledge and understanding to recommend the right type of lines for your business. They will manage the installation and change-over to suit individual needs.

All traditional telephone lines are supplied via the BT Openreach network. We have been direct with BT Openreach since 2006, providing us with direct channels to engineering resources and network information, meaning we can process orders quickly and raise faults directly with them, ensuring speedy resolution always.

Important reminder: Wholesale Line Rental Withdrawal

Don’t forget that BT Openreach is phasing out the PSTN network which means that 50% of businesses will no longer have working telephone lines from 2025 and you will not be able to add any new functions or lines to existing numbers from 2023.

It also affects residential phone lines so think about what you have at home. In total, 16 million telephone lines will stop working and you can make the switch now to save yourself time and money!

SIP Telephone Lines

SIP Trunking (Session Initial Protocol) are lines that utilise your broadband and provide you with better resilience and disaster recovery options over and above that of traditional lines, plus are more competitive, often providing free calls. With the digital transformation planned for 2025, customers need to consider moving from traditional telephone lines and these and can benefit from:

•    access to all UK number rates, no longer restricted by BT exchanges,
•    increased resilience with built in disaster recovery plans
•    scalability allowing you to flex lines up and down to meet demand
•    built in fraud protection to eliminate the risk of phreaking 
•    DDI billing.

Telephone Calls

Our core supplier of calls is Gamma, who is a certified Carbon Neutral company. They are one of the largest providers of telecoms services and related applications, taking their responsibilities very seriously and developing an excellent reputation in the process. Committed not just to being the greenest provider, they also strive to be a low cost operator, with savings ultimately passed on to our clients.

Geographic Numbering

Whether you want to project a national profile with a non-geographic number, or want a local number from another area that redirects to you via a call or email, we specialise in setting up configurations to present your business how you want to, whilst delivering your calls the way you need them. Ask us about what you want to achieve, and we’ll help you get there.

Relevant Billing

We can provide DDI billing so that outbound calls can be measured and reported against specified name/nominal codes, to assist with client accounting and performance measures. This helps you to understand the number of calls made relating to a specific project or client. 

Please note: this service is subject to the telephone system being able to output the DDI to the network. If you want this feature but your current Telephone System does not support this feature, then we recommend installing a new one!

Fault resolution & Target Fix Times

We use the best networks and follow best practice to ensure that your service is available at all times, however where faults do occur we resolve them promptly and ensure that you are updated with progress at all times. The service level agreements for traditional lines are as below:

Level 1
Clear by 23:59 day after next plus 1 day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays, e.g. report Tuesday, clear Thursday.

Level 2
Clear by 23:59 day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays, e.g. report Tuesday, clear Wednesday.

Level 3
Report by 13:00, clear by 23:59 same day. Report after 13:00 clear by 12:59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holidays.

Level 4
Clear within 6 hours, any time of day, any day.

In circumstances where a fault prevents service, the customer will be offered the opportunity to divert calls to an alternative number.

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