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Modern telephone systems present so many opportunities for more than just calls, including features for regulatory compliance, call recording, monitoring and reporting to improve efficiency and productivity, features to sell your business direct to customers, as well as integrating with security features such as door-entry systems and cameras.

 The features listed below are just some of the examples, but if you need something specific just ask, and we’ll work with you to make it happen…

Call Recording

For businesses that want to monitor training requirements for their team, or who have regulatory compliance requirements, comprehensive call recording is a great solution for keeping your business on track. Click here for our Redmayne Bentley Case Study to see how it works

Wall Boards & Call Logging

If your team needs to meet call targets, or you want to review training requirements, call logging offers accurate, real-time information on anything from unanswered calls, peak call periods, average call answering times and the average length of calls, which can be attributed across the business, by department or even by individual. The information can be published in realtime on a wall board and/or accessed via a portal, leading to improved practices and service and ultimately increased sales.

Answering Service

For businesses that have a small team or want a professional answering service to ensure maximum team efficiency, then a call answering service offers a great solution. Calls can transfer direct to the answering service to check team member availability and / or take a message, and can also provide out-of-hours responses to monitor for emergencies.

On-Hold Sales Messages

Did you know that 70% of business callers are put on hold and that 60% of people on hold will hang up within 60 seconds and do not call back? On-hold marketing messages are a great way of keeping your caller’s attention and reduce the hang-up rate, plus 30% will make a purchase after hearing an on-hold message. You can record professional ‘ear-catching’ audio broadcasts which transmit while your caller is on hold, reinforcing current marketing campaigns, raising product awareness or simply driving sales.

Audio & Video Conferencing

As long as it is compatible with your existing telephone system, you can avoid third-party costs by implementing audio and video conferencing via your existing telephone call package. Enable calls between your team members across multiple sites, and / or enable your customers to engage with you via audio and video too. Reduce travel times and expenses and improve efficiencies. 

Door Entry & Security Features

You can use your telephone system to improve the security of your office locations by integrating features such as door entry systems and CCTV, alongside your existing telephone calls and broadband.

Much more: other services
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  • music on hold (as an alternative to marketing messages)
  • secure voicemail
  • voicemail to email
  • public address systems
  • call queuing.

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